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Hello and welcome! Thank you for taking a peek at my website! You may have guessed my name is Cassie Brace and I am a doll and sculpting artist and business owner. I am mummy to George, Macie and little Marley. In 2008 I discovered the wonderful world of reborns and shortly into my new hobby I began taking an interest in sculpting too. I have been a reborn artist since 2009 and have reborned prototypes for a number of sculpting artists over the years. In 2010 I produced 4 tutorial DVDs for reborners to use as a learning tool, with another reborning artist. Precious Little Baby Dust DVDs have been a successful learning tool and become some of the best-selling tutorial DVDs within the industry. I have since gone on to produce a tutorial DVD on my own- I Art Ultra Newborns with Cassie Brace which has also been a huge success! I love hearing the feedback from customers and how much the DVDs have helped and inspired fellow artists to excel in their art.


In 2012 I sculpted my first reborn doll kit Hattie and have since gone on to produce a number of baby doll kits, all Limited Edition and all are now Sold out. I try to bring my reborning knowledge into my sculpting and provide beautiful kits that I would love to reborn myself.
There is nothing more satisfying and exciting than seeing a sweet little face emerge from a block of beige clay and my promise to myself and my customers is that I will continue to try to grow and develop in this artform! I love sculpting, especially sculpting babies!

I am so excited for the amazing times ahead as I will release some new stunning kits for reborners! I cannot wait to see what my customers do with them :)


Thanks again, I hope you enjoy mooching around my website, the galleries especially contain lots of eye candy! Enjoy 

 Cassie xxx

I am often asked how I choose my prototype artists and I felt that it was a really good question to share with others who may want to know too.
Becoming a prototype artist is a huge responsibility . Prototyping can really open up some amazing avenues for artists, you are the first handful of artists to lay eyes on a brand new doll kit, your interpretation is the first to be seen by thousands of artists and collectors around the globe, it is amazing advertising for your business, and the exposure from reborning a prototype can open up the gates to a wider reputation and new potential clients. Whilst prototyping remains a top goal for most reborn artists, the reality can be stressful, time limiting and lots of pressure. Before you endevour to become a prototype artist you have to be really sure you are ready to put in all the work that it takes to prototype.
As a sculptor I expect my prototype artists to be highly skilled in these areas- Painting natural and realistic and clean skin tones, Paint realistic true to life hair or Micro root natural mohair with natural hair lines, Take LOTS of beautifully set, and different photographs with props, different outfits and many positions, producing clear quality images for me to use to sell my sculpt on preorder ect. I really can't stress how important the photo's are for me, they are the end product of prototyping and the whole reason for prototyping. They are what I use to be able to sell my product. If the example photo's are poor quality or very few, it could reduce my own sales.
I need my artists to be able to work at short notice, to a quick/tight time scale without quality compromise sometimes around 2-3 weeks. It also really helps me greatly if the person chosen to prototype one of my sculpts has actually shown an interest in my sculpts in the past and has reborned them.  Then I know you really like and enjoy my work and we will make a great team for prototyping. The best work will always come from a sculpt that you love and adore!
I always allow my prototype artists free reign to interpret my sculpt as they see fit, I chose them because of their ability to capture the very best out of every kit they reborn, so I feel confident enough in them to make their own choices when it comes to everything, eye colour, skin tones, hair colour and photography! If i need a specific photograph, for example baby face on the right with a blank space to the left for some digital text to be inserted I do expect the prototype artist to be able to produce this for me.
Now how do I find or choose such artists? Well, usually if i see someone whos work inspires me facebook. Facebook really is a fabulous platform for promoting your art work to sculptors like myself, I have found almost all of my prototype artists on there. I will messagea reborn artists I love and ask if they are open to prototype for me in the future, I will sometimes have a specific baby in mind, and other times I will keep them updated with any new sculpts that I have coming.
I also have no problems with artists coming to me, to ask if I would consider them as an artist. It would be impossible for me to choose everyone, as much as I would love to give everyone the opportunity, I have to consider all of the things above in my decisions. I hope this gives you a little more insight into the process!

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